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About company

About company

The Moscow Design Bureau Kompas is the leading enterprise for development, manufacturing and service maintenance of specialized radio navigation equipment for various applications.

Currently the MDB Kompas is an up-to-date scientific and production centre that specializes in manufacturing of professional high accuracy navigation equipment operating with SNS GLONASS ()/GPS signals (in perspective Galileo).

A high technical level of specialists as well as full technological chain from development to output of products, namely user radio navigation equipment, enables the MDB Kompas to retain the leading positions in development of new technical solutions for radio navigation systems used in automated information control systems of various purposes.

The MDB Kompas develops and manufactures the following items for NAVY, Ground Forces, Rocket and Space Complex, Air Force and civil aviation:

Model range of small-size automatic radio compasses for all aircraft of military and civil aviation (-32, -35, -40).

Model range of aircraft receiver-indicators -737 for high accuracy positioning of different objects by using NSS GLONASS/GPS signals (in perspective GALILEO) and ground radio navigation pulse-phase systems.

Equipment for controlled weapon guidance systems.

Model range of products for autonomous ground-supported trajectory measurements of rocket boosters , upper-stage rockets and space vehicles.

High accuracy monitoring, search and rescue system intended for application under conditions of military operations.

Integrated satellite-inertial guidance equipment for high dynamic objects .

Multipurpose simulator of SNS GLONASS()/GPS intended for performance evaluation of user navigation equipment (UNE) installed in high dynamic objects in real time, performance of UNE tests in real application conditions, performance of investigative studies on UNE applications for solution of different tasks in the process of installation in objects of all types.



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